Electric Vehicle Charger Installation 

We offer 3 years warranty on the hardware.
We offer a choice of EV chargers to suit any pocket or aesthetic requirement – which have been chosen to offer the very best design and quality.
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Installation Type Required

The majority of our customers require a standard installation.
Use the following guidelines to determine if your installation will be standard or non-standard.
Please contact us with any questions.
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Check Supply Fuse

Ideally you will need a 100A main supply fuse. If you only have a 60A or 80A fuse you will need to upgrade this through your Network provider.


3 Phase Power Supply?

A 3 phase power supply is required to support a 22KW charger. Most households have a single phase supply & are therefore only able to have a 7KW charger.

The Fuse Box

Spare ways in fuse box are needed to install your charger (standard installation) - If no spare ways are available in your fusebox a new distribution board will be needed. (non standard installation)

Installation location

A standard installation includes fitting the charger on a brick or plaster wall.

The location should be no more than 10m away from the fuse box and should involve drilling through no more than 2 walls.

More than 10m and/or more than 2 walls will need a site survey.

A standard installation includes fitment of the charger up to 1.8m from ground level.
If fitment is higher than 1.8m this will mean a non standard installation is required.
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Installation Time

A standard install includes up to 4 hours on site to complete all work. If more than 4 hours are needed this would make the installation non-standard.