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Boost Occupancy Rates with our Electric Car Chargers
In 2020, over 200,000 electric car owners decided to stay at accommodation that provided car charging facilities over those that did not. As a result, these owners have seen increased occupancy rates PLUS this service offers another stream of revenue by charging customers for the use of their charger(s).

Current data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) shows electric vehicles (EV) accounted for almost 10% of new cars registrations so far in 2021 and that there are currently over half a million electrified cars on UK roads.

This is set to increase as the focus from the major manufacturers shifts to EV from internal combustion engines (ICE)


Offering your customers on-site charging at your accommodation will set you apart from your competition and will be highly appreciated by your customers who won’t have to travel to charge their cars whilst on holiday – who wants that extra aggravation?!

Please consider the scenario of an EV owner family who want to visit you for their holiday.
Depending on their EV range, at some point during their holiday they will almost certainly need to re-charge their EV.
They choose accommodation that DOES NOT have an EV charging facility on site – so have to:-
• Plan their trip to visit a charger on route to give them enough charge for their days out.
• Or plan a visit to a charger somewhere as near as possible to their holiday venue. This will mean waiting about for it       to charge.
• AND, likely have to re-charge before they set off for home.

OR – they choose you!
They arrive, plug in and are then ready for the rest of their holiday. Job done!

Consider the normal business guest.
They will have had a busy day with lots of driving and meetings and want to relax for the evening.
What they don’t want, is to have to plan an extra stop to charge their EV before they get to you.

They want to arrive, plug in and start their evening.

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Increase your revenue

You have options:-
1. Offer free charging to entice customers OR

2. Take payment for charging their vehicles either as a flat rate or per kWh used.

OZEV £350 Government grant

Each charging point is eligible for the government’s Workplace scheme grant of £350 per charging point.
This is a voucher-based scheme which you can use against the purchase and installation costs - you have 180 days from the voucher issue date to use it.

All you need to do is apply here.

Please note that this subsidy may be removed at any time so please don’t delay.

Peace of mind service contract.

Our service contracts mean that if any problems do occur, you can just make a call to us and concentrate on your guests.


Solo Smart Charger (Socketed) Single

• Industry leading brand.
• Available in 3.6, 7 and 22kW (The 22kW requires a     3-phase power supply)
• Auto power balancing adjusts the rate of charge to avoid overloading your electricity supply when a lot of energy is being used.
• Compatible with all plug-in vehicles.
• Wi-fi enabled.
• Free over the air software updates for the life of the charger*
• Back office software to enable you to charge your customers per kW used.
• 3 year warranty on site.
*assuming data connection


Pod Point Twin Charger
All the functionality of the Solo but with two charging ports

Technical specification as above


Easee Charge

• 1.4 to 22kW dynamic charging power.
• Auto power balancing adjusts the rate of charge to avoid overloading your electricity supply.
• Compatible with all types of plug-in vehicles.
• Wi-fi connectivity
• 5 colour options.
• RFID chip allows your customers to pay for the power they use – with NO extra cost for the back office management.
• 3 year warranty.
• Small unit – 69% smaller than other solutions and weighs only 1.5Kg.
• Designed and manufactured in Norway – so can cope with our UK weather

FUTURE PROOF- easily scalable due to “Plug and Play” technology without the need for additional electrical works. Blank units can be installed which can then be made “liv2” as demand dictates.
Download Workplace Charging Scheme T&C's